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DVDs Cover for Jane Austen BRasilian Fans

Here is the Dvds Covers i made for my collection of Jane Austens Movies (its my interpretation off the original ones). Here on Brazil, we dont have this Dvds to sell ( BBC series and ITV)so i made than on my on, including DVD authoring, Menus, subtitles and all.
The Pride and Prejudice im basead on idea of a WallPaper i see on internet, i dont remember where i find and who was the autor, so forgive me iff are u^^ And Tell me for the credits.
The Coveres are :
Persuasion - PErsuasão - BBC/2007
Pride and Prejudice - Orgulho e Preconceito - BBC/1995
Sense and Sensibility - Razão e sensibilidade- BBC/2007
The Jane Austen Book Clucb - O Clube de Leitura da Jane Austen -2008
Becoming Jane - Amor e Inocência -2008


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literature, chick-lit, books

To Introduce My Self

First: My name is Julianna
Second: I have 23 years old
Third: I live on Florianópolis, Brazil
Fourth: I love --> Chick-Lits, Lineage II, Guitar Hero, Twilight, Queen, The Big Bang Theory, The X Files, Friends, Disturbed, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Gilmore Girls..